Struggling With Manual Onboarding Processes?

Successfully onboarding new hires is crucial for closing the loop in your recruitment process. However, having to manage this process via paper forms or email ends up costing you and your new hires.

 To see if you are losing time and money to manual onboarding processes, take our onboarding ROI calculator to the right. We assess your situation based on:

  • The average number of hires you make per year
  • The average number of forms included in your new hire package

Are you passionate about recruiting and hiring? That makes two of us!

In fact, our founders spent over two decades in the world of internal recruiting. Frustrated by the time they spent dealing with manual processes and inefficient recruiting software, they decided to build an applicant tracking system of their own. Since 2009, Newton’s been helping employers bring on top talent. Need some help with hiring? Make Newton your next hire.


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